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Reading Company Boxcars

Written by Conductor

Reading Co. XMy Boxcar #111211 at Allentown, PA.

Boxcars, or "House Cars" as they were known on the Reading and other roads, were the mainstay of the freight car fleet after hopper cars.  From the early wooden versions to the later welded and insulated cars, the Reading rostered many classes of boxcars in a variety of lengths.  Clicking the links below will open the reference document in a separate window; clicking the camera icon (where available) will display a photo in a separate window.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have photos of the "missing" classes not shown below that you'd be willing to share, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

XMa 107500-107999

XMb (1) 11201-11550 XMb (2) 10800-108499 XMc/XMd (1) 14000-14499

Click for photo XMc (2) 10900-109399

XMd (2) 115800-115874 XMe (1) 15000-15199 XMe (2) 115900-115949

XMf 15200-15219

XMg 15220-15699 XMh 16000-16999 XMj 17000-17499

XMk/XMl/XMn 2000-18699

Click for photo XMp 11550-13549 XMr 4000-11549 XMs 5000-5999

Click for photo XMt 100000-100999

XMu 101000-102999 XMv 103000-103299 Click for photo XMw 104000-104699

XMwa 18000-18109

XMx 105000-105299 XMxa 19200-19275 Click for photo XMy 106000-107499

XMz 105300-105499

XVa 18922-19924 Click for photoXAra 18700-18799 Cars sold to B&O

Click for photoCars leased to C&O


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Did You Know?

November 14, 1948
Service on the "Schuylkill" Main Line train to Pottsville is inaugurated.


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